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Dr. Sharon White brings exceptional breadth of experience to her new venture from her years as Director and Dean at the Stamford Campus of The University of Connecticut. She knows very well the city of Stamford, Fairfield County and the whole state of Connecticut, as well as the political, business, educational, NGO, cultural, and religious communities.  To her administrative experience she adds her great skills in communicating with people.

Joel Blatt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, History, University of Connecticut, Stamford Campus

I have worked with Dr. White on several not-for-profit boards where she is exceptional for her energy and enthusiasm.  Sharon excels at clearly defining diverse issues and effectively engages members and stakeholders in strategic planning and implementation.

Diana Lenkowsky

Vice President, One Stamford Realty, LLP

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr White and found that she combines her impressive leadership, creative problem solving abilities and community engagement skills to every challenge presented. She is solution oriented, and has the ability to bring people together to invent a new way of doing business.

Kathleen Bordelon

Executive Director, SilverSource, Inc.

Dr. Sharon White is a gifted educator, creative problem solver and an astute businesswoman. She applies her breadth and depth of experience across multiple disciplines to develop the right targeted solution for her clients. She is also a pleasure to work with, combining her sharp, quick intellect with an engaging style.

Juanita T. James

Former President and CEO, Fairfield County Community Foundation